Re Tetra frequencies...

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Re Tetra frequencies...

Postby USAFE501 » Wed May 22, 2019 4:10 am

Morning Everyone,
Quick question , apologies if not permitted,, :dizzy:
Can anyone tell me any Tetra frequencies used by Emergency Service in the UK so I can just see how they appear on my SDR software spectrum/graph/waterfall ?
I know they can't be decoded , not looking to waste my time trying.
Searches online show me the lower and upper limits where they are found, but looking for any spot frequencies - Not sure if geography plays a part if so I'm listening in the Herts/Beds area

Thanks in advance and understand if post is removed if it breaks forum rules :huh:

USAFE 501 :smiles:
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Re: Re Tetra frequencies...

Postby Minus1 » Wed May 22, 2019 7:05 am

390-395 MHz, 25k wide channels, frequencies 390.0125, 390.0375, etc. Also 420-422 in London.
Bottom 6 channels are DMO (back to back use, and temporary repeaters). Never found any activity on these.
Top 8 are AGA (Aircraft/Helis). The lowest 33 TMO channels seem to have some AGA use too.
Airwave has nationwide coverage so there is virtually nowhere you can't get a signal, apart from remote hill areas and caves.
They are easily seen on a SDR.

Example Site BDF010 (On the hill between Luton and Dunstable) 51.884 N 0.472 W
TMO Channels
:59 391.61250
:92 392.43750
:157 393.93750
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