ANOTHER question re my Whistler TRX 1...

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ANOTHER question re my Whistler TRX 1...

Postby USAFE501 » Wed Jun 26, 2019 11:56 pm

First an apology for so many posts recently :embarrased:

Just a quick question , I know from the specs what my Whistler TRX-1 covers , just wondering if anywhere the radio tells me "what ?" it is decoding when listening to Cap plus , Connect plus , tier 1 etc etc...
The display does show letters for (TG) TalkGroup , but just wondered if any more info - Am I able to tell by the make up of the radio I.D that I see on the screen when the user TX ?
It's a bit easier when listening to P25 as they display a NAC code.

As always , thanks and apologies if my questions seem basic ,irrelevant or trivial to some of you... :sad:

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Re: ANOTHER question re my Whistler TRX 1...

Postby jimh » Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:01 pm

Good question. The simple answer is no it doesn't.

It will indicate type of digital modulation (eg NXDN4800, 9600, DMR, P25) but nothing further than that. I recall there is a T indicator for Trunked but that it was wholly unreliable on some modulation types, especially NXDN. This is one aspect where the Uniden is superior, as it will show things like CAP, DT3 etc. None of them show if its a Base or Mobile Subscriber which is shame - one of the many advantages of DSD+
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Re: ANOTHER question re my Whistler TRX 1...

Postby redman99 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:46 pm

There are display options that can display more info.
Program Menu > Global settings > Show radio ID Show VC/CC Show TGID Show site name plus more.
Do you connect the radio to a PC or laptop ? ControlDemo2.1 is handy

One thing you might check Global Settings Simple Display is not ticked

Hope some of this helps

Yes lots of menu's to get to grips with.

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