COM205 Commtel. Never finds a station

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Re: COM205 Commtel. Never finds a station

Postby Indrid Cold » Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:29 pm

Finally, the device seems to have come back to life - I commissioned my friend some mods and improvements, including replacing some capacitors, S-Meter output from discriminator, keyboard beep volume regulator, realignment, opening frequencies and audio enhancement:

Image Image Image

Then, I shielded the inside of the plastic cover, to exorcise interferences that could be the cause of the sudden 'deafness':

Image Image

My friend tested the S-Meter output just implemented with the one of an old Alan 48 CB, and then he has calibrated it accordingly - one like this, that another friend will give me in a few days:


But I've found this beautiful S-Meter, from a professional radio bridge, hoping to use this one instead!

Image Image

So, i love this scanner... yes, it has been the first for me, but I see it is still much appreciated. Is there anyone here who is still using it?
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Re: COM205 Commtel. Never finds a station

Postby m0lsx » Wed Mar 06, 2019 5:00 pm

That all looks good. Was a problem found? Or was it just a mixture of age, dust (which can go dry, that is become a conductor.) etc etc?
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It turned out that this vital security service was so vital that none of the radios had been serviced for years & simply dusting the circuit boards off, stopped the interference. :embarrased: :embarrased: :embarrased:
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