Wonder Wand Widebander - FT817

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Wonder Wand Widebander - FT817

Postby Mick M5AED » Mon May 09, 2016 8:44 pm

Are there any members using the Wonder Wand Widebander tuner / whip qrp aerial ? I asked this question in another forum and received a lecture on how a small low aerial will not be as good as a high full size dipole !!!

All I am asking for is the views of people who have actually used one, any qrp fans with knowledge of these aerials ?
Mick M5AED
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Re: Wonder Wand Widebander - FT817

Postby m0lsx » Mon May 09, 2016 10:18 pm

I have both a Miracle Whip & a ATX walk about & the key to optimum efficiency with both is a good counterpoise.
I am not sure I would go as far as to describe either of my antennas as efficient, but they are great fun to use & you will have a long way to go to find a better RX antenna than a miracle whip or wonder wand.
For maximum efficiency with your wonder wand use a tunable counterpoise, plans are available on line & Wonder Wand sells one.
I use a 10 meter length of wire with a crocodile clip & I extend my small Miracle whip using my fiberglass roach pole & have had some almost half reasonable QSO's on 80 meters like that. Some other lengths of wire gives me a quarter or half wave at shorter wavelengths & the compromise antenna becomes almost efficient.

Oh & the most important thing..Forget about efficiency. These antennas are about just having some radio fun. Yes you can work 20 through 6 meters reasonably well, but the 817 with a small whip is little more than a HF handheld. In magic we would call it a anytime, any where trick.
Ever tried to use a Kenwood TS-990 & Steppir in a pubs beer garden, on a bus or sat in a rowing boat?? The 817 & miracle whip works in all of those places & more.
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73 De Alan (M0LSX.)
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Re: Wonder Wand Widebander - FT817

Postby Mick M5AED » Tue May 10, 2016 3:01 pm

Thanks Alan, I may well try the Wonder Whip Widebander.
Mick M5AED
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Re: Wonder Wand Widebander - FT817

Postby scoobydoo » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:21 pm

I have the atx whip and as said by our other ham on here a counterpoise does help immensely. I also have the Sandpiper portable telescopic with separate coils for the different HF bands.
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