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Re: developing a strong interest in HAM

Postby m0lsx » Sun May 28, 2017 11:02 pm

G4RMT wrote:interleaved? Is this why PMR446 is 12.5KHz channels bit offset 6.25KHz? I always assumed that 446.0 to 446.2MHz was ONLY PMR446? Must be chaotic for anyone to try and use a 12.5 channel in between the others?

It is JUST PMR 446. BUT some is licensed with higher power & some is unlicensed with VERY low power & small antennas. So if everything is legal, Licence Free PMR 446 should never really give Licensed PMR 446 any issues.
The issue is, 5 watt handhelds into semi decent antennas are now the norm. With some muppets even using collinear or beam antennas mounted at height & much more more than 5 watts on what should be milliwatts into poor antennas.
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