There is a VHF/UHF band(s) Crisis!

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There is a VHF/UHF band(s) Crisis!

Postby MØXTA » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:49 pm

Yes you read the Subject Title correctly, in this point of time there is a true and real crisis happening right now on ALL VHF/UHF bands in the UK.

The lack of usage all over the UK is putting our fragile and precious VHF/UHF bands at *REAL* risk from being taken away from OFCOM!

I am calling on ALL Radio Amateurs to help the cause to get more VHF/UHF activity going again in the whole of the UK!

Use 2M/70CM simplex more, use the FM repeaters more, put your dual bands radios in the car and go mobile again! Talk to fellow amateurs in the same town, the same village and in the same cities to form nets on 2m and 70cm. Also encourage your local radio club members to do more on VHF/UHF!

I want to see more FM and SSB again on 2m and 70cm. Also i like to see more FM activity on 4m and 6m.

We have over 80,000 licensed Radio Amateurs in the UK and the lack of activity on VHF/UHF is causing more and more Radio Amateurs to think there are no one on the bands = thus making the situation much worse!

It is not difficult to turn your VHF/UHF radios on and call CQ. there is no excuse. Plus the emergence of DMR and fusion to make contacts all over the world (it's not real radio, we have HF for that) and i refuse to buy and use a Digital Voice radio due to the fact of evidence it's making 2m and 70cm FM and SSB more quiet. But DMR is not the lone cause.

Years of abuse on repeaters put off countless amateurs from going on 2M/70CM ever again (hence put off for life) I urge everyone to ignore it and return using the repeaters again! We all know OFCOM is useless these days in stopping abuse but we all try and have to carry on as normal and ignore it.

We Radio Amateurs have a responsibility and duty to use ALL the bands that we have been given, who the people at the RSGB and the IARU worked VERY HARD for us having 'holding onto by a thread' bands like 70cm and 2m

I know this is a divisive subject but i feel that NO ONE is doing about this. I remember in the 90's when i started out on Amateur Radio in 1994 when i was 10 as an SWL, i remember the VHF/UHF bands being very busy!

There is nothing stopping all of us going on VHF/UHF! Even we must encourage our M6's to use 2m and 70cm. If no one is going to talk to them and abuse them/treat them differently, they will be put off for life and they will never return! Then the hobby will suffer a catastrophic end where there will be no one to replace or replenish the existing amateurs that are alive today!

So please heed my warnings and help to do something about this and stop our hobby from falling apart! If no one takes my proposals or thoughts seriously, then we will fail keeping our VHF/UHF bands from being taken away!

Selim M0XTA
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Re: There is a VHF/UHF band(s) Crisis!

Postby G4RMT » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:18 pm

I can only speak from my return to the ham scene after many years away. Nothing new going on, and far too simple access to the HF bands - what did OFCOM expect when they gave people a long distance pile of bands, instead of VHF and UHF activity - Internationally, the amateur service is protected, yet when OFCOM gave low power devices to anyone in UHF, I don't think they mentioned it to anyone.

My own view is that the licence is too easy and radios are too cheap, and this focusses everyone to short range vertical polarisation. No cheap SSB radios, no rotators, no beams, no skill. Just walkie talkies - and this has just bored people away.

I told a teenager what ham radio was, and she said she could pick up her phone and see video from the other side the world whenever she wanted - why would she want to spend money and time doing it the hard way!

Somebody needs to invent something that takes effort and is interesting - then the bands will take off again.
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