Forget your Baofengs....... TYT 8000

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Forget your Baofengs....... TYT 8000

Postby Sid » Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:12 pm

....Well, not really..... :wink:

But - I took delivery on Monday of a TYT 8000. Best budget bargain ever Imo.
Yes, it's circa £55 and not £25, but £55 is generally not bank breaking money.

The build quality is excellent, solid & chunky with a reassuring weight and the finish / aesthetics are perfect.
Decent battery, and also comes with an extra high gain antenna (which works well)

Apart from the above, it has other advantages.
You can personalise the screen colour with either orange, pale blue or a vivid blue. You can also set the backlight to off / auto / on. I like the fact you have the option of leaving the backlight on.

It also has the additional rotary knob, making it a breeze to skip through stored memory channels, menu & frequencies.
You can also name channels on board, rather than HAVING to use software per Baofeng.

The FM radio is better as well. You can store circa 25 channels, although unless I'm missing something, you can't name them.

Back to Baofengs for a moment. If your budget really is tight, I'd still spend an extra tenner and go for the GT-3WP, rather than the almost obligatory UV-5R. It's waterproof, dustproof and can actually be completely submerged for a time with no damage. This is also a chunky nicely made piece of kit. The first Baofeng (Imo) that actually looks and feels like a more professional radio.

Anyway - just thought I'd share this... :thumbup:
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Re: Forget your Baofengs.......

Postby G4RMT » Wed Oct 18, 2017 8:38 pm

Glad you did! I've never found any item that has a range of products where their budget model is ever the best. As you say, fifty quid is still very cheap for something decent, and I was doing some testing this afternoon, and it involved lots of different radios, that I'm lucky to have, and almost universally, when I reached into the box, and pulled out the next one, the 'feel' of the radio really did indicate something - every time I picked up one that felt solid, had nice plastic, had a bit more substance to it, when I looked down to see what it was, it was never the bottom of the range. Sometimes it was also getting on a bit too. I've been testing the performance of hand held radios from the earliest ones I have that still function to brand new ones, with the intention of then looking at the results and trying to draw conclusions. The results so far are a little annoying, as the cheap radios are all just as sensitive as the others, and actually more sensitive than some of the big name brands, so I'm looking at more tests to try and tease out common performance differences, but so far the differences are at the limits of my testing resolution - so I'm trying to devise a test routine that will produce meaningful results.

The UV-5R is frankly a pretty horrible radio for the physical reasons - it's probably a bit too small, too plasticky, and feels just a bit awkward. I've not had time to test the DM-5R yet, but I suspect that it's the same. I bet that if I dug out the diode matrix programmed Icom 2 channel VHF sets I have somewhere, if you gave them to somebody on a building site, they'd not actually realise it was a nearly 40 year old radio. If they all perform in a very similar manner, then brand X isn't going to get you further than brand B. You used to be able to charge more for the ones with extra features, but now the Baofengs at the bottom have loads of them! Feel and solid construction must be more important.
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Re: Forget your Baofengs.......

Postby Sid » Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:05 pm


I agree.

Even though I'm a complete novice at this, you know quality when you feel it.
I also think the UV-5R's feel a bit nasty, and they are too small in the hand making them uncomfortable.

This TYT has the same quality feel as my £130 Wouxan UV9D (which is very solid and not a million miles from my Yaesu VX-8)
The weight, as I said is reassuring as well. To me, a bit of weight means solid materials. I'm always suspect of something light weight.
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