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J POLE Antenna DIY

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2018 10:20 am
by barrylewis1234
I just posted in the scanner forum about RTL SDR cards and my Jpole but then thought to myself I will give you hams a heads up to

If anyone is interested in making a Jpole I found these connectors on ebay which are great, ive never seen them before.
Ive just made a J pole out of 22mm copper and used one, I had to tap the holes with a 4mm tap though so i could use m4 bolts for easy adjustment. It would be nice if they was supplied with a small nut welded on but for under £15 im not fussed. ... 2659591355

Theres also a great calculator here which allows you to enter velocity factor: ... alculator/

Thats my good deed for the day :-)