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Es’Hail Q100 receiving

PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:29 pm
by M0GLU
Hi All,

I made by my Es’Hail Q100 satelite receiver station.

The parts:

1 meter dish and symple LNB. Covered the LNB with thin sponge and aluminium foil. This is the thermal PLL. :-) ... 2749.l2649

Bias T from Amazon: ... UTF8&psc=1

SDR receiver: ... UTF8&psc=1
Another one is good. May be have in your drawer.

RG6 coax, F connectors, garden table, curtain rod, F to SMA converter box (home made), HDSDR software, compass (smart phone) time, few cofee

Some video from the observation:

Telemetry data receiving:

Few helpfull site for the dish settings: ... reland.htm ... diam_h=1.2

M1GEO article,

73' Tony