2016: Ofcom No Longer Policing Ham Radio.

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2016: Ofcom No Longer Policing Ham Radio.

Postby m0lsx » Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:21 pm

I know this is old news now, but it is something I seem to have missed when it happened. Although I cannot say I am surprised.

Whilst visiting a repeater website for something different I spotted the following.


The website is http://gb3kd.byethost7.com/news.html?i=1#160615
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Re: 2016: Ofcom No Longer Policing Ham Radio.

Postby Scan125 » Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:04 pm

I'm not a licensed amateur and look on the "abuse" from a non licensed point of view (CB) and indeed with sympathy.

I was in an school amateur radio club back in the early 70s (up to 74) and then HF was main stream and repeaters not (as far as I recall) very common. Back in those days the then Ofcom (equivalent) were hot on monitoring, guiding, advising as well a policing when/where required.

Clearly times have moved on and certainly (it would appear) gone down hill.

Now I read the landscape and regulation and enforcement has been sort of compartmentalised.

1) The amateur bands, CB SSB, PMR are now really "bands" where self regulation is encouraged. e.g. CBer using amateur band should not talked to by another amateur. Indeed this is part of the operating code of conduct expected from amateur license holders. If you like these bands a kiddies sand pits to play respectfully in.

2) Anyone who illegally operates or disrupts TV, Radio, File, Police, Army ........ legit business bands (read all non amateur, CB, PMR etc.) is going to get clobbered as some point.

Now this I guess is where Ofcom are coming from.

Where I feel for and would get annoyed if I were a HAM is on this issue of repeater/hardware misuse. Repeaters are installed / operated / owned etc. and nobody other than authorised/licensed users should be using them. I would be very very annoyed and upset so have the greatest sympathy. I think actually it is probably legally "THEFT". Theft of a resource, theft of electricity etc. and there in my books a "criminal" offence. Now were amateurs able to locally hunt down repeater abusers then they could pursue criminal proceedings again them. Some amateurs think the RSGB is a waste of time and money. No comment from me. However I if were an amateur with duly paid RSGB fees I would like to think that the RSGB would fund and prosecute this "THEFT".
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