Deceptive walkie-talkie range claims ripping off buyers...

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Deceptive walkie-talkie range claims ripping off buyers...

Postby m0lsx » Sat Jan 25, 2014 8:43 pm

Have you purchased a pair of walkie-talkies which claimed in bold, large print on the package a range of anywhere from 6 to 50 miles, taken them home, charged the batteries and then discovered that these radios barely let you talk a couple of blocks from your house?

In our legal opinion and the opinion of telecommunications experts from England and the U.S. who we have interviewed, a massive — and hugely profitable — fraud is being waged, industrywide, by manufacturers of consumer two-way radios.

A statement can be technically correct, yet still misleading, when it implies far more about a product’s performance than the typical user would realistically see, leaving a false impression which leads to a buying decision.

Only one manufacturer would speak with us, but when asked, “Why, with your 5-watt commercial radios using correct length antennas do you not make range claims?” at first there was silence.

And then, static.
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