Mitex or SFE S820 Radios? A Monopoly on Rebranding!

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Mitex or SFE S820 Radios? A Monopoly on Rebranding!

Postby Frequency Hopper » Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:06 pm


Mitex or SFE S820 Radios?

I received the following email today as shown in the screen capture below.

As there is a lot of discussion on here about the simple UK light licence and also Mitex and Baofeng radios I thought it would be of interest to some here. I have bought radios from the Radioswap (Chris Medlock) seller on ebay in the past which is why I got the mail. Rather than copy the email and paste a wall of text I have screen captured the email in full below.

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Re: Mitex or SFE S820 Radios? A Monopoly on Rebranding!

Postby m0lsx » Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:16 pm

Report businesses that you think are acting in an anti-competitive way to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Anti-competitive agreements can include price-fixing, limiting production to drive up prices, agreeing not to sell to a competitor’s customers.
These agreements can be formal or informal and may include ‘shared understandings’,‘concerted practices’ or ‘gentleman’s agreements’ where businesses cooperate or act together.
You should also report businesses that abuse a dominant market position - eg by offering unfair prices to customers or suppliers, refusing to supply, or limiting production.

A cartel is an agreement between businesses about not competing with each other - eg by price-fixing, bid-rigging, output quotas or restrictions, or market-sharing arrangements. Cartels are usually secret.
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Re: Mitex or SFE S820 Radios? A Monopoly on Rebranding!

Postby Staffs Paul » Wed Nov 19, 2014 11:48 am

I agree that this is a clear example of an Anti competitive agreement :sneer:

I saw the mitex radios for the first time in maplins yesterday and they look like baofengs though they are nicely packaged and a bit smaller than I thought they would be. so the mitex radios are the same radio as the SFE S820 radios? In that case where can you buy them as ebay uk seem to have none?
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Re: Mitex or SFE S820 Radios? A Monopoly on Rebranding!

Postby G4RMT » Tue Nov 10, 2015 8:56 am

It's all to do with volume of sales. If the factory produce radios, brand them Mitex and sell them into the UK that's fine. Mitex is a protected brand name here. Mitex can stop the factory selling them under different brand names into the UK if it's a contract term, enforceable in the manufacturing country. However, nothing in UK law would stop anyone selling the product under any other name here, if they can source it, because it is NOT a counterfeit and it is NOT passing off as something else. However, the factory would be stupid to sell the product into the market here and dilute the margin. So many radios are sold at minimal markup, and then idiots sell them on ebay for another minimal markup. Maplins make a decent margin, and so presumably do the factory. Factories sell on Alibaba with MOQs of maybe 500 to 1000 for these price brand products. Aliexpress sellers often buy through their building buying groups, so the factory may well prefer the Marlins deal.

One of the microphones I sell got wiped out by a UK wholesaler suddenly finding the product, and sourcing thousands from the factory direct, while I, through a 3rd party seller was buying 50s - I can't make any money on them.

OEM manufacturing has been established for nearly 40 years now. Not just unbranded kit either. I have some broadcast video cameras from Sony, JVC and Panasonic. Many thousands of pounds to purchase, and I lost one of the microphones - a replacement from Sony was over £300. I managed with something else and a bit of tape, until a friend found a panasonic being sold on ebay - it looked the same as my Sony, I ordered one and the seller asked me if I wanted Sony or Panasonic. The camera was six years old and they'd got a pile of factory surplus. I bought a Panasonic and a Sony - and they were absolutely identical, made in the same factory - which wasn't Sony's or Panasonic's.

Wrangler stopped somebody bringing in real Wrangler jeans from abroad and selling these in their UK shops because the brand is protected here. Mitex is protected, but if anyone could import the radios with any other make on, no UK issues at all - but Maplins could stop buying them, and that's a lot of sales gone.
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