Fishborne - Portsmouth Harbour

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Fishborne - Portsmouth Harbour

Postby LandingGearLaurie » Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:55 pm

Evening everybody,

Well that was an experience and a half! :shocker:
Today I travelled from Fishborne (IOW) to Portsmouth Harbour via the Whightlink car ferry - however it was in the thickest fog that I had ever seen! :shocker:

How they sail these things in sunny weather is hard enough but in blanket thick fog is simply beyond all comprehension. I just couldn't see any further than say 10 meters!
Anyhow, just for fun I tuned into QHM in Portsmouth on 165.550 and it was thouroughly entertaining what these guys were saying to eachother. All in all though maximum praise to all at Wightlink and QHM for superb information and safe working. Have to say I was somewhat skudding myself because it really was like asking a pilot to chuck on a blind-fold before take off. Amazing stuff it really was. :thumbup:

If you are ever down Portsmouth way have a tune into QHM. A nice alternative and very interesting especially if you have "Ship Finder" as an app or on your ipad. :walkietalkie:


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Re: Fishborne - Portsmouth Harbour

Postby Giblets » Sat Dec 31, 2016 11:42 am

Lawrie, I was sitting in the little NCI lookout tower on the western side of Pompy's harbour entrance yesterday afternoon where the viz was less than 30m at times. Will send a vid of what we were looking at! :shocker:
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