Ofcom’s approach to enforcement

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Ofcom’s approach to enforcement

Postby m0lsx » Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:32 pm

I have just seen this on Southgate ARC's news site.

Ofcom has published a statement summarising updates and revisions to its Enforcement Guidelines

These guidelines explain the procedures Ofcom will follow when conducting most types of regulatory enforcement action relating to telecoms and postal services, consumer protection legislation, competition law, and certain competition-related conditions in broadcast licences.

The confirmed changes in Ofcom’s approach to enforcement include:

• updated guidelines to cover a number of new enforcement powers we have taken on since 2012;
• clearer guidance on how we expect decisions will be taken on the progress and outcome of investigations;
• clarification on how we expect to publicise cases; and
• guidance on a new procedure for the settlement of regulatory investigations.

Alongside today’s statement, we have published the following documents, setting out our new procedures in detail:

• Enforcement Guidelines for regulatory and consumer protection investigations;
• Enforcement Guidelines for Competition Act investigations;
• Procedures for investigating breaches of competition-related conditions in Broadcasting Act licences; and
• Advice for complainants and whistleblowers.

Ofcom has also published its new Procedures for enforcement of BBC competition requirements, with an accompanying statement.

Download the statement and associated documents from

Ofcom Interference and Enforcement page
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