Virus on programming disk.

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Virus on programming disk.

Postby m0lsx » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:31 pm

I saw this on a FB group & thought it may be worth repeating here.

I obtained the programming lead separately and it came with a mini programming disc. My virus checker detected that the disc contained the Win32:Alman virus (or a false positive). I strongly suggest virus scanning (as I did) any discs you receive, before running any program from them. It is also good to have AutoRun disabled on your computer.

It is also worth not installing such disks whilst logged in as an Administrator if at all possible. As that limits the effects of any virus present.
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Re: Virus on programming disk.

Postby Scan125 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:58 am

It is quite rare to get a virus/Trojan on any CD software from a reputable manufacturer BUT NOT impossible. The more like is a false positive.

As for scanning and non admin rights then again this is good practice.

I would also mention

You can submit any file or URL to that site and they will check the file with over 60 different scanners.

As the author of Scan125 Control Program I get a occasional false positive reports and my actions (which I would do for any other software source) are:

1) Re-download the source file
2) Check any documented HASH values
3) Submit to VirusTotal to see how many engines detect an issue
4) If false positive (or unsure) submit and report file to the vendor of your virus software

False positive are a real pain in the arse for small developers like me. Quite a few AV companies insist/include the presence of a valid Certificate which can cost 1000s and is thus not possible for those who develop free software. The false positives waste huge amounts of time and worse still is when a user does not report an issue ASAP as then a blinking big snowball builds up which can do quite a bit of collateral damage. :shocker:
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