Whistler TX2 - really annoying me

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Whistler TX2 - really annoying me

Postby G4RMT » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:58 pm

I'm about to remove my TX2 from my van. It's simply horrible used mobile and the killer is it resetting each time the starter motor engages and the voltage drops. As it takes over a minute to start up, this makes life very testing. Plus I really cannot get to grips with programming - stopping the van to try and so simple things is a stupid operating system, and while driving it's just too dangerous.

To those who love these things, I have simple question. Hopefully, I have just missed this one out of the things to learn.

Is it possible to enter a frequency and immediately hear something? I would like it to let me enter, say, 165.125 and hear the conversation - setting FM, AM or a digital mode automatically if possible, but if not automatic, a simple way to enter DMR, or NXDN or whatever mode it is. All my radios will let me bang in a frequency, press enter and hear it - like the old VFO mode. Some of them spot AM, by either the frequency, or by analysing the mode and setting the right one. Can the Whistler do this? If not, I'm going to mark it down as the worst buy in many years and sell it, because it's just no use with it's mega complicated menu system.
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Re: Whistler TX2 - really annoying me

Postby Metradio » Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:37 pm

Fn + 0 (Tune Mode)
Enter frequency
Press SEL
Job Done..

Other shortcuts:
Fn + 1 = Scan Mode
Fn + 2 = Program Menu
Fn + 3 = Sweeper Menu
Fn + 4 = Service Search Menu
Fn + 5 = Limit Search
Fn + 6 = Playback Mode
Fn + 0 = Tune Mode

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Re: Whistler TX2 - really annoying me

Postby G4RMT » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:45 pm

Mike - thanks very much, lost annoyingly somebody the other day said owners had to learn the shortcuts and I ignored that post, thinking it wasn't for me - but I see it is!

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