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Re: Scanmaster B1300-N vs Scanmaster Airmaster

Postby waxmax » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:28 pm

radiostationx wrote:I am not going to say much on that but it seems like the manufacturer (if this one is one of theirs) isnt exactly renowned for...well I will leave it there..

(pity the photos are gone now)

If you are thinking of a glass fibre stick co-linear, especially if were to be mounted outside, my advice is to spend a bit more and get a diamond stick or discone for that matter, the quality is great but with a loft space to work in, the d-777 is quite a big stick and may be cumbersome to move around experimenting. Making your own antenna variants with no need for weatherproofing or wind profile worries may pay dividends and save a few bob.

I think I’ll go for d777 , it actually fits loft nicely!
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