Uniden sds100e my review

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Uniden sds100e my review

Postby mickydt » Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:50 pm

after getting a aor dv10 and ending up with a major disappointment instead of a refund i decided to opt for the Uniden SDS100E with the butel software (i also have credit to buy anything else to make up the difference but that is another story)

word of warning i have the dv1 which sadly is on its last legs and there are no issues with the butel software however with the sds100e there clearly was some issue with the butel software and it decided to totally crash out on me and not only that even though no data was supposed to be sent to the uniden without a send command it clearly was sending data and nearly corrupted the sds100e memory card which i thankfully sorted out.

in the end i had to take out the butel software, i understand there is an update but will be leaving alone for the time been as it seems to be beta only.

i then downloaded the sentinel software you have to make sure it is for the europe version, strange though as it still has the usa database which is a shame for those in europe.

using the sentinel software was a doddle once i got my head around it, all settings of the sds100e can be setup using sentinel.

one thing Uniden claim that the sds100e is very good at pulling out weak signals this was a problem for me when i got the 3600 after fully setting up the sds100e i knew of a frequency which was shared and had both a strong signal and very weak signal and yes the sds100e was able to pull in the weak signal which is something i need in my area.

the downside for many is that the sds100e does not come with activated digital modes, i took the step of purchasing the dmr software and within minutes the radio was activated with the key provided.

this morning i ran the uniden sds100e on digital and it was fully working and the best thing was that unlike aor which can sound like robots it was crystal clear on the sds100e

on Monday i will be activating nxdn as that is also used in my area so will be interesting to see how it performs.

so far i cannot complain, yes it doesn't have all the digital bits like the dv1 but for the money i can't complain.

when i have finished activating then i will get back with how it has performed.
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