Band Step & Modulation Changes

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Band Step & Modulation Changes

Postby Scan125 » Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:43 pm

This is a general quest for feedback on the above subject / topic.

I've only experience of Uniden 125 and 75 scanners but depending on makes (inc. non Uniden) and models then some support the ability to:

1) Change a band plan which has defined frequency ranges, step values and modulations

2) For any given band frequency range change the default frequency step value and modulation

3) Many scanners undo/revert to default values once power cycled

As with all scanners programming/changing "something" can be if not difficult then certainly tedious.

So my question to you all out there with you Uniden, AOR, ICOM, Whistler, ......

Do you, how important and how often is it for you to change band step values and possibly modulation values?

There is a real reason for this in the as the author of Scan125 I provide this function with my Scan125 program. I have no idea how many people use it, how important it is etc.

I'm working of Scan75 and trying to support changing the band step and mod values is proving to be really difficult.

I also view/come to this from the angle that for many scanner programming software packages programming and real time control of band step values and mod settings seem to missing.

So when I/we stand back and look at how we use our scanners (not computer control/programming) do we really rely upon being able to actively change the scanners default pre-defined band step and mod values?
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Re: Band Step & Modulation Changes

Postby Scan125 » Fri Oct 25, 2019 4:49 pm

It has now become apparent that on the Uniden BC75XLT and UBC75XLT scanner it is not pro-grammatically possible to read or determine the Band Step size. One can change it by simulated key processes but the current value is not obtainable so one would have to go through a complicated series of steps.

1) To READ - tune to a freq in the band
2) To READ - do a step up
3) to READ - note the freq step taken
4) to CHANGE - locate this in the series of possible band steps
5) to CHANGE - execute the relevant number of program wheel steps (up or down) to get from current step to required step size
6) to CHANGE - commit the change

Each of the above steps requires a number of key presses and this has to be done for EACH of the 23 bands.

Could be done but as you can not use scanner information other than the freqs in 1) and 2) the rest is being done blind which is not good and could lead to all sorts of problems for the user.

So sadly unlike Scan125 now Scan75 will have to omit the ability to change Band Step Sizes. Of course the user can always pick up the scanner and make the change manually :smiles: :)
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