Re President Trumps visit...

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Re President Trumps visit...

Postby USAFE501 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:41 am

Just a little reminder that President Trump is due to visit UK early December 2019 for NATO meeting. (At The Grove, Watford)
I understand he will fly into Stansted I presume on AF1 , his entourage and support into RAF Northolt (Limos and rotary wing aircraft) , transport/cargo aircraft will end up at Mildenhall along with any White House Support plus his escape jet and finally the converted E4B Nighthawk aircraft poss Mildenhall but best guess Ramstein, Germany.

**(above info from public forums and media websites) **

So listening wise his "Men in Black" can appear almost anywhere within the bandplan so can I suggest those with Close Call or equivalent try that on your scanner , plus the excellent Monitoring Times website in the USA has several frequency listings for comms linked to the President...HOWEVER , I imagine they will be encrypted :sad:

Try the airband as he flies in UK airspace with that Airforce 1 callsign , such as Stansted radar/approach etc....those with HF and SSB capabilities could try the normal sea crossing frequencies Shanwick etc, etc...
Military Airband may also be active with Mildenhall Command Post (BANTER OPS) 313.550 mhz , and a common Military freq whilst in UK of 259.600mhz....finally there is a frequency that USAF pilots/aircrew use unofficially to speak air-to-air called WINCHESTER on 303.000mhz (apparently derived from a very popular make of gun called a Winchester 303 !!!!) Again if HF equipped , try the usual 8.992 and 11.175 mhz usb for USAF comms

Hope you dont mind the post , not too in depth ? :dizzy: never know what you might hear...fake news probably !!!!! :laughs: :laughs: :laughs:
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Re: Re President Trumps visit...

Postby Minus1 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 7:08 am

259.6 is Swanwick Military East ICF.
It is not a "a common Military freq whilst in UK" :rolleyes:
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Re: Re President Trumps visit...

Postby USAFE501 » Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:03 am

Minus 1
Thanks for reply and correction - I knew what I was trying to say , unfortunately what was in my head and what I typed were 2 totally different thing !!! :dizzy: :dizzy:
I stand corrected....that's what happens when not concentrating BUT I thought FAKE news was the norm ? !!! :laughs:

Anyway , seriously to those reading this Minus 1 is 100% with his post.

Thanks again,
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