CUBOT DT99 Walkie Talkie Dual Sim Mobile Phone Under £50

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Re: CUBOT DT99 Walkie Talkie Dual Sim Mobile Phone Under £50

Postby SilverShadow » Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:39 pm

Alfie wrote:I dont have any worries but out of interest are there many requests for posters details from snoop type people ? Could admin comment on that ? I never thought about it before but we are all here snoops as we listen and spy in our own little way on people on radio so was wondering on the privacy policy here ? no offence meant as i love this forum and site and all that run and are involved in it its just my nosey nature :mrgreeny:

We've never had one :tongue:

thelad wrote:The Mods and Admins of the Forum can view users IP address's and will have no choice if instructed to hand them over to the powers at be.
also E-bay have in the past been told to remove UK illegal radios by Ofcom.

Yep, Admin or Mods of any forum can see IP addresses next to each post and any webmaster can see who has visited or posted on their site so it's always wise to be cautious online. I don't think just anyone can track you down by that though, I use an IP checker to check new accounts now before approving due to all the attempted spammers we get but all it shows is a rough location and internet service provider (which is enough to stop spammers as 99.999% are foreign) though I'm sure the gov with an IP address would simply be able to contact a persons ISP and get their full details.

We do have our own respect for privacy and wouldn't hand out any members personal details to anyone, only me and Tony (M3TSY) admin here and have access to Email which will never be shared, your passwords are encrypted in our database and cannot be accessed by anyone including us, mods on any forum can see IP's but all mods here (we only have had 1 so far) are asked to respect privacy and members in every way. I've never known of a forum to be taken to court for info, if that did happen I couldn't say what the outcome would be but we wouldn't ever hand over any details of a member on a simple complaint or request no matter who it was from. :smiles:
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Re: CUBOT DT99 Walkie Talkie Dual Sim Mobile Phone Under £50

Postby m0lsx » Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:11 am

Alfie wrote:
m0lsx wrote:Being an airband the consequences of using these radios can be that a massive area is jammed...Plus being an airband Ofcom will not wait & see if the problem goes away, unless accidental they will prosecute...

Its not airband for sure its uhf but has been used for raf ground towers but is it still used for that ?

It is allocated to milair & regardless of being used or not it still is a military allocated airband & I say that as someone who inadvertently had access to military airband via a VHF unit fitted to a 19 set that I used for HF broadcasting back in the late 70's. The VHF unit operated from 229 to 241 MHz & at the time I lived in the wash area, which has two bombing ranges, so lots of milair activity.
A close friend was prosecuted for broadcasting around 6.7mhz, as he COULD have caused interference to aircraft, if they wanted to use the band & I got raided a couple of times for various breeches of the marine offences act, mainly related to my use of 48 meters, a marine allocated band. Plus of course Radio Caroline were raided in the late 80's for it's use of a secondary marine emergency frequency.
I would not imagine that the DT99 would cause any real issues, given it's very low power, but if being used close to a flight path, it could. And I would thus suggest it is not sensible spectrum to use, but what people do is up to them.
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Re: CUBOT DT99 Walkie Talkie Dual Sim Mobile Phone Under £50

Postby thelad » Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:44 am

IPs can be pin pointed to a street but once they find out the ISP then it can be traced back to address but its easy to get round with proxys. Also if the forum was given a warrant for an IP you would have no choice other than to hand it over.
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Re: CUBOT DT99 Walkie Talkie Dual Sim Mobile Phone Under £50

Postby Woodford » Wed May 07, 2014 10:14 pm

Is it me or are these all about £150 upwards?
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