GP340 Advice/Help

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GP340 Advice/Help

Postby ScanLeicester » Thu May 15, 2014 10:48 pm

Hi all,
I have two GP340's UHF, and id like to upgrade the radio firmware. how can i go about receiving the latest firmware for these radios? is there any real benefit to upgrading the firmware in old school radios?
I also have on the RF Tab within the CPS the Tx Low Power and TX High Power Grayed out, the low power is showing 1.1W and the High at 27.5W, now i no that's not right :huh:

CPS & Radio info as follows:
CPS: R03.11.15
CPP Number: 5107423A01
CP Version: 4.7
RS Version: R03.04.00

Any help / info would be grateful on this.

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Re: GP340 Advice/Help

Postby benw18 » Thu May 15, 2014 11:42 pm

Unlike TRBO upgrading GP series (and older) is risky business... You require the latest flash file, GENUINE Motorola programming cable and a GENUINE Motorola flash adaptor... Get the process wrong and your radios are nothing more than paperweights!

The cost of all of the equipment generally outweighs viability for end-users (I certainly wouldn't spend £500+ on hardware to flash radios for personal use).

There isn't a huge difference in 'new' firmware since the version you mentioned... The GP series is now in the cancellation process (will be totally discontinued next February). Power settings are adjusted in the 'Tuner' software, but realistically you need test kit to get things good!

If you are really desperate to get them upgraded I can do them for you (don't think you are too far away). Functionality wise there isn't any noticeable difference :)
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