Getting a "Simple UK Licence"

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Getting a "Simple UK Licence"

Postby 2E0RFU » Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:32 pm

Does anyone here have a Simple UK Licence? I am thinking of getting one for use in some events that I am involved with through work.

Where there any issues getting one not in a business name, but as a Sole Trader?

What is the deal on Digital using this licence, the way I read the Ofcom documents it would be ok for 6.25kHz & 12.5kHz bandwidths.

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Re: Getting a "Simple UK Licence"

Postby Alfie » Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:10 pm

we have a simple licence at work. we have a business name ltd company but a sole trader wont have any problems my friend has just recently got on and he is a sole trader window cleaner and improvements with 3 employees he uses analogue we use a mix of analogue and digital

afaik digital on any business licence is aok as long as like analogue you stick to the terms of your licence and as simple is 12.5 steps i do not think you can use 6.25 steps and these are not bandwidth but they are steps you also have to stick within your bandwidth and not bleed so many khz either way from the actual freq which is a 12.5 freq for all simple
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