Best antenna for PMR446 and circa 499mhz UHF

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Re: Best antenna for PMR446 and circa 499mhz UHF

Postby m0lsx » Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:26 am

G4RMT wrote:I really am quite surprised by the constant complaints about the Boafengs. Performance wise, none of the models I have for demo purposes perform badly enough that I can label them 'trouble'.

I know it was not a Boafeng, but several years ago I standing at the top of Cromer Church Tower, which at just under 200 feet is the tallest in the Norfolk.


And for those who do not know the area, there is a ridge just inland of the town, which includes the highest spot in the county, so it's not the advantage you would expect, especially as it stands on top of a cliff of a similar height & is well clear of most obstructions, but the inland landscape.


I had my Yaesu VX-7r & my £30 Diamond, (a so called high gain antenna) in my rucksack & was working through the VHF repeater in Norwich when someone about 9 miles away in North Walsham said he could hear me on the input & other than the typical VX-7r audible CTCSS it was a good signal. As I also had my £30 (including postage) Puxing in my bag I tried that using the standard antenna & the 9 miles between Cromer & North Walsham showed an identical signal except that the £30 radio had no audible CTCSS unlike the £200 radio plus a £30 antenna.
For me the issues with these cheap far east radios come when they are connected to base antennas. They are dirty & not good with strong local signals, but my experience is that as a whole the standard antennas are as good as any & as a whole it is people operating illegally who moan about the antennas. And I suspect this is because they want to look justified in changing them for bigger antennas with alleged gain.
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