Cb mini moonraker mini Vs Nagoya,

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Cb mini moonraker mini Vs Nagoya,

Postby Southwales » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:36 am

Hi, I have A moonraker mini for my mobile cb antenna and although small it does the job for me or at least I don't know any better, https://damsu.co.uk/two-way-radio/anten ... pl259.html

I also recently picked up a used Nagoya sp p80 of sphock with magmount base, which is classed as Frequency : 144/430 MHz, would it be possible to use this as a cb antenna instead, would it likely be worse or better? The Nagoya is 80cm tall and the mini moonraker is 60 cm.
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Re: Cb mini moonraker mini Vs Nagoya,

Postby m0lsx » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:26 am

To answer this as a question. I have a 1959 Velocette Motorcycle & a modern Kia car. Which is the best?

The Moonraker antenna is designed for the top end of the High Frequency / Short Wave band. The Nagoya is designed for two small chunks of the VHF & UHF band.
As receive antenna there is probably very little to chose between them away from their little chunks of designed area of use.
So on CB & the amateur 10 meter band your Moonraker should be better than the dual band, while on, or VERY close, to the 2 meter & 70cm amateur bands the Nagoya will, or should be, best. But away from those bands the answer is going to be much less clear.
Personally I would say. As a whole the build quality of Moonraker antennas is well below what I would expect of Nagoya. I have never had a non working Nagoya delivered, but I once had two out of a three antenna order from Moonraker which had to be returned.
Length will make a difference, but the Nagoya has two loading coils, as opposed to one on the Moonraker. So is the length of the metal in the air much different?
Which is better of these two is probably going to come down to personal opinion, rather than fact. Unless some decent checks have been made of both, using properly calibrated equipment & under controlled conditions.
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Re: Cb mini moonraker mini Vs Nagoya,

Postby Southwales » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:11 pm

I know it will not be perfect but I am trying to have one antenna attached to the car that will cover all my devices cb, uv5r and scanner, I have the appropriate adapters to go from the pl259 so the antenna will also fit my uv5r and scanner. At the moment I am just using one of them mini Nagoya mag mounts which is doing the job for my scanner and uv5r, but obviously not suitable for the cb, hence why I have purchased the larger Nagoya in a hope to find one that will work fairly good with all 3 devices.


This is the small CRT one N cb I purchased

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