FoI to Ofcom on high power CB linears.

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FoI to Ofcom on high power CB linears.

Postby m0lsx » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:47 am

When Peter Sampson asked Ofcom if they'd do anything about CB users running 34 times permit power level Ofcom replied "it is not considered to be a proportionate use of resources"

Radio amateur Peter Sampson's Freedom of Information request read:

"when is someone going to jump on cb operators using massive linear amplifiers unchecked, some cbers near me push out 400w regularly (most nights)"

Ofcom replied:

CB users share a frequency band managed by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) who are the ‘primary users’ and must be prepared to accept incoming interference caused by the MOD. The use of CB is authorised on a 'non-interference, non-protected' basis; that is, it shall not cause harmful interference to, and shall not claim protection from other sources of interference.

Accordingly it is not considered to be a proportionate use of resources or otherwise in the public interest to investigate your complaint.

I appreciate that this is not the response that you were hoping for, however, I will remind you that there are now 80 CB channels available in the UK.

So CB is a free for all. Do what you want with Ofcoms blessing.
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Re: FoI to Ofcom on high power CB linears.

Postby Scan125 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:05 pm

Well this is probably what I expected but not what we want or should expect.

I have a CEPT (EU only) CB rig. Not used for years but am think of going SSB.

Now as an example the Alinco DX-SR8 or SR9 Transceivers can be opened up to Xmit on UK/US/EU CB's freqs and will comply with 4W/12W requirements. However they are not CE approved CB units.

Sods law will dictate that were I to get an SR9 (I have an HF SR8 receiver as shortwave DX is my focus) and then use it sensibly on CB bands I would get prosecuted. However Ofcom are saying if I put a "burner" on my CEPT CB rig they have no interest.

Very confusing and annoying. Either we comply with the rules and regs or we don't. Might as well just not comply as Ofcom seem to be saying the CB bands are a "free for all" sand pit where bullies who kick down your smaller sand castle are not an issue. In other words, if you step into the CB ring with no referee then that is your tough luck!

I guess there is a turning point. How about 1MW on channel 19. Oh lets go for 10MW just to be certain.
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