PMR MOBILE sets Midland & Team MiCo

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PMR MOBILE sets Midland & Team MiCo

Postby jmz01 » Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:45 am

Has anyone used a PMR mobile radio such as the Midland GB1 or the Team MiCO PMR-446?
I am aware of other Chinese radios that offer up to 60w tx power that are illegal in the UK, yet are a grey area here in Poland and easily available.

BUT, I would be grateful to know how the legal sets perform in a mobile situation.

Here in Poland, which is as flat as flat can be we have had 22 km on our Motorola TLKR T50s (0.5w) on a regular basis, and over 60 km using our dodgy Baofeng GT-3TPs on PMR channels using high power (8w I think), where the Motorolas have also received and responded too, but muffled and a fraction of clarity as the Baofengs.

With the flatness of Poland it seems ideal for PMR.
CB 27mhz is huge here but so full of junk and so full of high powered rigs; 30w seems the average minimum and then goes up to whatever you choose!

I want to put something in our cars that will work on camping trips and on local journeys, that will also be legal, here in Poland I could install anything as nobody cares, but we don't want to be caught out in Germany or France or other countries that police the airwaves more seriously.

So has anyone used the Midland GB1 or the Team MiCo mobile set ups?

Cheers Jim.
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