Horsham, West sussex

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Horsham, West sussex

Postby bigboyblue » Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:49 pm

Small town centre in the middle of Sussex.

Swan Walk shopping centre are licensed for 2 sets of freqs.

TX: 456.35 MHz
RX: 461.85 MHz

With a downfire antenna, so not too far reception from the centre itself. they are on DMR, using mototrbo handsets. Colour code 1, group 100. both slots used, slot 1 security, slot 2 cleaners / maintenance.

Their second licensed frequency is:

TX: 453.5 MHz
RX: 460 MHz

This used to be their 'tenant channel' - a sort of internal shopwatch, but mainly used by the tenants to request bin empties, first aid calls to the centre, etc. There was a time when the centre extended membership of this channel to stores outside, as a sort of shopwatch, but it got too much for most of the stores outside listening to mundane yacking away about bins and spills inside the centre - so a lot of people dumped it.

Forward a couple of years, to now, and the repeater is still on, but nothing heard on the channel - its analogue, and uses 5 tone to identify handsets.

The new shopwatch & pubwatch has appeared on:

TX: 453.025 MHz
RX: 459.525 MHz
Bandwidth: 12.5 kHz
Colour Code: 2;5

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