Uniden UBCD 3600XLT

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Re: Uniden UBCD 3600XLT

Postby moj » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:20 pm

Just as jim says above the 3500xlt was one of my all time favourite analogue scanners and I expected the same with the us version but in my opinion the whistler seemed to receive better on digital but maybe this newer model has bettered the us model but we wont know till its reviewed .
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Re: Uniden UBCD 3600XLT

Postby jimh » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:20 pm

Likewise moj, I had hoped that the 436 would be that bit more sensitive than the 3500: neither of them come close to an Icom or Yupi for sensitivity/selectivity.
I too find the TRX-1 is that bit more sensitive than the 436: it's just a nightmare to program !
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