School Special Event Station GB6GVS 21st/22nd Mar 13

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School Special Event Station GB6GVS 21st/22nd Mar 13

Postby 2E0AIV » Wed Feb 13, 2013 8:53 pm

Hi all
I am running a Special Event Station GB6GVS (see QRZ for full details) - this is year two of running this station. Gresham Village School is a small school with pupils aged 6 to 11 years old, last year we used D-Star digital Radios and Analogue radios via echolink, to link up around the world for the kids to pass greetings (last year callsign was GB2GVS). The Kids spoke to over 17 different countries including Japan (very popular), USA, Canada, Switzerland, Austria to name but a few, We are running the station this year again as GB6GVS (Gresham Village School, North Norfolk UK) and will again be on The Digital D-Star Network (GB7NB and GB7NU) as well as MB7INN simplex link and GB3NU analogue repeater via Allstar/Echolink/IRLP. If anyone in the Norfolk area has a licence and wishes to talk to our children then give us a shout (of course shortwave listeners/scanner listeners are welcome for reception reports via eQSL). The dates are as follows 21st March 2013 1200hrs - 1600hrs and 22nd March 0900hrs - 1500hrs. Hope you hear us or make a contact. All our children undergo a small morse (CW) test and are given a certificate for the Morse code and a second certificate for the countries they speak too. The Two operators are 2E0AIV (me) and G0UIQ (Billy).

Hope to hear you

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Re: School Special Event Station GB6GVS 21st/22nd Mar 13

Postby m0lsx » Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:03 pm

I have just got back from collecting my daughter from Sea Scouts. Spixworth Scouts have a Thinking Day On The Air SES on this weekend. Most bands 80 meters through to 2 meters FM.
So if you want to make a connection between your youngsters & theirs. I spoke to Paul (G3VPT) & he said if you hear them give them a call please.
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