Antenna's my findings

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Antenna's my findings

Postby ur5by9 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:01 pm

I recently dusted down my scanner and made a dipole in the attic space cut for around the air band. it was resonating around 130 mhz (3.6) ft and receive was fairly good letting me pick up
air to tower 40 miles and also ground chatter at the local airport. ( Edinburgh ) 15 miles away

Pmr was okay and I was picking up the odd conversation from various types, shops, personal use etc

I invested in a Diamond X50 antenna this is a VHF wideband tuned antenna for 2m / 70cm , this cost me £56 and a car journey over the fourth road bridge to pick it up at our nearest radio shop.

So today I went out and fitted this where the ground planes are level with the apex of the house roof 2 story home, I used some RG213 cable 15 meters.
The cable was fairly thick and I was worried about the additional stress on the bnc connector on the scanner so I used a barrel coupler and a short patch lead around 1ft
long to give some flexibility and ease of use.

My findings were very good using this type of antenna VS the dipole I made, Air traffic is more improved and I'm now picking up planes in the area of Newcastle talking to Air traffic at Edinburgh.
I'm getting my results using the website,-3.33/9 visually watching and listening

I have an, antenna switch so for test purposes I connected both Dipole and Diamond x50 up using short patch lead and switched between the two for comparable reception.

The Pmr band has also come to life where I now pick up much more activity and switching back and forth between antennas, signals are not heard using the dipole in comparison to the
Diamond antenna I'm receiving extremely well.

I have not listened to any of the lower frequencies as yet so cannot provide any findings however for HF I would be more inclined to use a long wire round the garden and an antenna switch for HF/ VHF

I thought I'd share my experience which may help others in the future.

Happy listening :smiles: :wave:
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Re: Antenna's my findings

Postby G4RMT » Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:11 pm

The switch is an excellent way to quickly decide. Doing tests and having to unscrew/screw each time produces subjective results.

I've done similar - and try to find base station, and data transmissions that are frequent or continual and repeatable. The switch often produces unexpected results. My white stick is pretty good in the ham bands, but seems to drop off quickly. The commercial UHF only white stick is better than the ham dual band on 453, but it much worse at 433. So the ham band sort of scores 100% ham, 75% commercial, but the commercial is 100% commercial, 40% ham band - if you see what I mean.

I have an air band vertical down quite low on test, and this is better than the discone at the same height, but it runs out of bandwidth quicker. With your switch you can always make objective decisions now - it would be interesting to repeat the test with the best aerial on your known subjects and do the switch to the short aerials people often use on handies and scanners.
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Re: Antenna's my findings

Postby EGPF40 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 2:19 pm

I have a Watson W-300 and its has been up my tower for about 7 or 8 years and still performs well. I feed it into a Cross Country distribution amplifier to 5 scanners - equalised per-amps and it works well. Last summer I bought the Diamond D-777, as I felt that on balance it might be optimised for the air bands, rather than the ham bands, however, it did not work as well as the Watson using the same position on the tower with the same coax - Westflex. So I got rid of the Diamond and kept the Watson. The Watson is a base antenna at the high end of the scale optimised for the 2m and 70cm ham bands, so I was expecting the drop off to be more sever than it is and so I am quite happy with it. From Paisley I can hear well out into the North Sea beyond Aberdeen - well out past Newcastle and out to 10 west on the atlantic side. GM4FDM
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Re: Antenna's my findings

Postby m3bsf » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:39 am

I have an "X50" situated on the apex of my house to the very west of the City of Carlisle and use it through my Realistic Pro 2006 and also my Yaesu FT 60 H/H , "X50" has been up there for about 3/4 years now and I would recommend this antenna to anyone, my interest is Civil and Mil Air band plus 2/70 Ham radio, having been for very many years a SWL until getting my "M3" I have had many antennas in the air from my QTH and its performance for both Scanning and Transmitting is excellent
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