'Hoax' call sparks five-hour search.

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'Hoax' call sparks five-hour search.

Postby m0lsx » Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:03 pm

A full-scale land, sea and air search off Torquay on Tuesday night was almost certainly sparked by a hoax Mayday call. Both of Torbay's lifeboats, Coastguards on shore, the Coastguard helicopter from Portland, a Royal Navy vessel, a Belgian Navy vessel and other craft in the area were called into the five-hour search.

This was Tuesday 27th of June 2017.

They scoured the coastline around Hope's Nose after a Mayday radio call was received by Coastguards to say that a yacht was sinking off Hope's Nose with four people on board, one of them disabled. The all-weather lifeboat and the helicopter searched up to 15 nautical miles out to sea before the search was stood down in fading light at around 10pm. The helicopter spent four and a half hours searching.

The initial call was received at around 5pm. The Torbay inshore lifeboat was sent to the scene first to search the coastline, with the all-weather lifeboat joining the operation half an hour later. The helicopter flew across Lyme Bay from its Portland base and searched until 8.30pm, its powerful spotlight visible from all over Torbay.
The MCA asked all vessels in the area to keep a sharp lookout, and the Royal Navy patrol ship HMS Tyne joined the search. The Belgian Navy minehunter Lobelia was involved, along with another nearby vessel the Commando Spirit.
Although the search was stood down at 10pm, the MCA has kept the incident log open.

The source & full story can be found at

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