Active antenna for comms receiver?

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Active antenna for comms receiver?

Postby TimT » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:39 pm ... Sw7W5XNhB-

Likely to be any good? I'm stuffed for any decent antennas as I live in a flat on the 3rd floor, so looking for something to give me half a chance.
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Re: Active antenna for comms receiver?

Postby m0lsx » Mon Aug 07, 2017 6:45 pm

Basically no.
If you go to the eham review site, you will find one carefully worded review. It is comparable in his view to something like a Tecsun radio with it's standard, from the factory, antenna.
I use a few feet of wire on my portable HF RX. But don't use too much wire as it will possibly cause your radio to over load, as a portable radios are not built to handle a long wire. It was built to work on a smallish whip.
I just have a small weakish crocodile clip on the end of my short (10 meter) wire & wrap the wire around a short mostly retracted antenna & use induction & the clip to get the signal into the antenna. Which gives me good results.
I use speaker wire which gives me 2 antennas for the price of one.
I also use a small & cheap loop antenna on MW, using inductance & I get great results. Similar & small antennas designed for HF give great results on the higher bands too.
In your location I would do what I do here. I would put a few meters of wire around the room, you could also put a loop of wire in your window. Or even get a small loop frame antenna.
Another option is a miracle whip / wonder wand. They make really really good RX antennas & would cost no more than what you are looking at.
But a loop frame antenna makes a great RX antenna.
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Re: Active antenna for comms receiver?

Postby Minus1 » Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:40 am

Don't know why he doesn't show the manufacturer.

Searching around reveals that it is labeled "SV2CZF Design". ... 1746741110

SV2CZF is Greek amateur Theodoros K., he is on Facebook and Twitter

There is a YouTube video:
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Re: Active antenna for comms receiver?

Postby G4RMT » Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:14 pm

Oh come on!

An amplified antenna for the HF bands that's this size is just plain silly!

Even the comments in the sales blurb give the warning.
Because this is an amplified antenna, it is subject to much RF noise found in the household such as lighting, computers, TV's etc. While it can be used in many households, we have found it works much better outside for that daily stroll, walking the dog, trip to the park, or hike in the mountains. During testing, we noticed a nice signal improvement and the meter on the handheld displayed a stronger signal than any other factory or aftermarket antenna that we attempted to use. Your results may vary depending upon the brand and model of handheld and what antenna you had previously utilized.

What other factory or aftermarket design doesn't give an improvement on the terrible performance of an on radio HF antenna?

If you have a small consumer Sony or Grundig short wave receiver then taking it into the countryside and pulling out the telescopic to it's longest works amazingly well - due to the length, probably even better than this. You are also taking a chance with a handheld that can TX, because an accidental prod of the PTT could kill it!

Maybe some people would be able to make it work by living somewhere special, but no technical specs at all to show how well it works.
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Re: Active antenna for comms receiver?

Postby TimT » Tue Aug 08, 2017 6:29 pm

Ok, calm down... I was only asking, blimey... :huh:
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