Budget antenna for my attic, rural location

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Re: Budget antenna for my attic, rural location

Postby stanogs68 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:09 pm

Southwales wrote:Hi, I had a go at making my first antenna, a bit embarrassing :embarrased: really as none of the wires are straight, did I have the right idea about connecting up the coax with the block. I use an old fan stand and it is now in the loft ready, can not test till tomorrow as my f connectors and bnc adapters never arrived today. Can not decide how long to run coax, my bedroom is downstairs but that is going mean close to 50ft of cable ( pf100 ) is that to long or should i just run it to the spare bedroom about 20 feet. If I do the later just means the scanner will get used less, I guess all this depends if my first antenna effort works.



great effort but i think the wife would give me a right going over if i plonked that in the kitchen :huh:
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