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Re: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

Postby philthespark » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:20 pm

Minus1 wrote:The only benefit I can see to using digital is that it avoids idiots (and their kids) who've bought US FRS radios (esp FRS/GMRS channels 2 and 4), that can interfere with fire service repeaters (channels 2 and 5).
Of course if OFCOM had not been so clueless as to allocate those freqs to the fire service, it wouldn't be a problem :rolleyes:

The problem could easily be avoided by assigning a few of the hundreds of virtually unused frequencies in UHF military bands to the fire service (including the MoD fire service!). Sadly that would require a degree of gumption that is conspicuous by it's absence.

Once again I'm inclined to agree about the frequency allocations, this however leaves me with an even bigger conundrum, if you can see it and I can see it then why are we not in the highy paid jobs currently done by the idiots who obviously cannot see it?
Oh but wait, we are not members of "the club" are we, it always amazes me that a lot of people get jobs for which they are totally unsuited simply because of who they know or where they went to school. You only have to look at the government for proof of this. lol :laughs:
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