Haven Hafan-Y-Mor Holiday park Pwllheli

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Haven Hafan-Y-Mor Holiday park Pwllheli

Postby morphuk1 » Mon Apr 30, 2018 7:38 pm

This may be of interest to somebody.
Just had a week at the Haven in Pwllheli with the scanner and found they are only using the one frequency for all departments.
Each department (Houskeeping/Reception/Security/Entertainment etc) all call a central office to relay a message to others but they also free call members of their own department.
Seems like an odd what to do things but thats how it was.
All using 165.1520 Mhz FM

Just out of interest, I also heard Bristow SAR Helicopter winchman carrying out a rescue on Polycon 419.1125 Mhz from the same site !
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Re: Haven Hafan-Y-Mor Holiday park Pwllheli

Postby 26CT2369 » Tue May 01, 2018 2:55 pm

Hi Morph
Read your posts about 419mhz the heli comms has on the coast of Dover doing there training , i read they have training exercise with the bristow heli and the hmc Coastguard each sunday.
and 'Each department (Houskeeping/Reception/Security/Entertainment etc) all call a central office to relay a message to others but they also free call members of their own department.
Seems like an odd what to do things but thats how it was.'
Sounds very simular to the shopwatch here
for example, Asdas would call in NCP to remove some foxes this morning roaming the third floor carpark sounds not right to be transmitted message to via shopwatch but they do,
So maybe there is no obligation on how they run there scheme, could it be some type of shopwatch/security on that site and just easier for all to be connected via one freq :thumbup:
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Re: Haven Hafan-Y-Mor Holiday park Pwllheli

Postby philthespark » Fri May 04, 2018 9:39 am

It's actually a rather clever idea when you think about it, I used to be on maintenance in a large hotel, we had these radio telephones and they were awful. they were not programmable, I.e they had no speed dial or memory, so we all normally had them set on the channel to call reception, any messages were passed via them to other departments. The problem came if we had an incident, in a lot of places like hotels, people have dual functions, although we were maintenance part of our remit was to back up the security team, and we were in charge of firefighting.
In the event of an incident the reception had to "ring" various numbers, me on maintenance on channel 1, the other maintenance guy on 2, our manager on 3, different security staff all had their own channel, as did housekeeping and all other departments. There was no way to get one message out to everyone who needed to hear it, then if we had to speak to different people we had to ring each one individually.
With the radio on a single channel,yes you can all hear whats being said, but in the event of an incident it's much better and quicker. It's surprising how quickly you become able to "tune out" to all the traffic and just pick up the relevant messages.
One of my local supermarkets has something similar,but they have a couple of codes for emergencies, a code 1 is a medical emergency, a code 2 is a theft in progress, people generally go about their own business until one of those codes comes out and then everyone moves to where they should be. When I worked in security, as a dog handler, I could carry on doing anything, patrolling, chatting to someone etc, the radio on and various traffic being transmitted, yet the minute the callsign Tango Delta, was mentioned I was on alert, Tango Delta, was the dog man (me). It's the same with cctv camera's, when you are looking at a bank of screens, you are not actually watching them as such, you just become attuned to something out of the ordinary, especially if an area or building is supposed to be empty, you've one eye on the screen and one on something else, the minute something moves, you're straight on it.
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