Belgium: 70cm at risk.

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Belgium: 70cm at risk.

Postby m0lsx » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:31 pm

Spotted on Southgates news site.
UBA report the Belgium Regulator BIPT is consulting on a proposal to restrict Amateur Radio access to 433.050 - 434.790 MHz in such a way that it will hardly be usable anymore

BIPT propose an outright ban on amateur Packet, ATV, DATV in that segment, and draconian restrictions on other modes such as FM which could be restricted to ultra low power - just 10 milliwatts - and a low TX duty cycle, just 30 seconds of TX time in 3 minutes.

The aim seems to be to protect license-exempt consumer short-range devices from interference. It appears BIPT considers car keys fobs, garage door remote controls, temperature sensors, lighting remote control, etc are of such importance that amateur operations must be dramatically curtailed.

The national Society, the UBA, point out that in the Royal Decree on private radio communications and the rights of use for fixed networks and networks with shared resources, Article 19 states: "The frequencies used by short [range] equipment and equipment using ultra-wideband technology are allocated on an ... unprotected basis..."
In other words: this equipment must not disturb us (primary users) and does not have any right to protection against eventual disruptions by us.

The UBA say it will naturally oppose this proposal with all its might.

The deadline for public responses to the consultation is June 17.
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