Moonraker Scan King S200 - Rip Off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Moonraker Scan King S200 - Rip Off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby barrylewis1234 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:20 pm

A few years ago I had a scan king and was very happy with it, but I moved and couldnt get it down so it remained in my old house.
I decide to buy another recently..

So after lots of research and talking to some radio engineer geeks I decided that the best antenna that suited me was a capacitor loaded broadband type.
I looked at a few other capacitor loaded type and I decided to pay the extra and go with the Moonraker S2000 ScanKing antenna, mainly becuase I thought a recognised manufacturer. I paid £45 for it.

I Mounted it up on a nice big pole clear of my roof and fired up my scanner....................Face Dropped...... Very Disappointing results.
My Dipole tuned to 70Mhz is pulling in a lot more at 150mhz and even 400-500mhz than this S2000 junk.... I was even struggling to pick up BBC Radio 1 on fm band, lots of hiss.

I took it down and visited a friend who is a radio engineer, he connected to a 0- 1Ghz analyser to see if resonant on any freqs, yes it was semi resonant at around 85Mhz but I know this doesnt apply for scanner aerials, you would not expect to see much on an aerial analyser (its not a transmitting aerial). BUT my friend did noticed it was not capacitive and very inductive acording to his meter. He assured me something was wrong with it. So we agreed rather than send it back that we would cut it open and repair it..... so out come the hacksaw.

We cut around the fibreglass tube to slowly reveal the insides piece by piece. And to my surprise all that is in there is a length of enamalled wire with phases twisted into it for different sections of the bad..... NO LOADING CAPACITORS IN SIGHT...... ITS WRITTEN ON THE BOX.... UNIQUE CAPACITOR LOADED DESIGN..... ITS UNIQUE ALRIGHT, THERE ARE NONE!!! The enamalled wire is soldered directly to the centre pin of the aerial socket and wrapped in bubble wrap and parcel tape.


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Re: Moonraker Scan King S200 - Rip Off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby Throbber » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:53 pm

Mmmm, i've had few issues with Moonraker too, it took them two attempts to send me a simple Silver Rod, both had faults mainly with connections.
I'm not keen on their service levels and do not get anything from them now.

Very disappointing for such a well established firm !!.
The word UNIQUE can be quite deceiving, i think they will probably argue that the twisted coil is UNIQUE !!.
Lesson learned there i think. :tongue:

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Re: Moonraker Scan King S200 - Rip Off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby m0lsx » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:09 pm

Welcome to the world of Moonraker. A few years ago one of the amateur radio forums had a thread about the best & worst dealers. No one really agreed on anything except for one...Moonraker.
Most dealers had those with good stories & those with bad stories. But almost everyone had a bad story to tell about Moonraker.
I once ordered 3 antennas from Moonraker. 2 arrived with defects that made them unusable.
The Capacitor part of the advertising may be hard to disprove as, a short antenna has capacitive reactance. And as it alleges coverage from 500khz, (or 600 meters.) 1.2 meters is a VERY short antenna.
Also those few turns of wire. They maybe an Inductor, but they will also (probably) have capacitance too. It's called parasitic capacitance.
Plus, if that were a transmitting antenna, those radials at the base also act in a capacitive manner. But I am not sure about how they behave on RX. However on some vertical amateur radio designs, the radials are said to form a part of a capacitor, the ground effect forming another part.
And just to add. What you found inside that antenna is nothing different, to what you would find inside most fiberglass antennas.
Take a look at..

Much of the antenna advertising, is at best dubious.
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Re: Moonraker Scan King S200 - Rip Off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby deadite66 » Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:53 am

Bought a marine tuned dipole off a website found it was worse than than the one i made myself from mains copper wire.

would love to try out a MFJ or Rigexpert on these aerials but the few times i'd use it i can't justify the price. :-(
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