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ADS - different software

Postby G4RMT » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:09 pm

While I understand how ADS-B works, the RAF 100the flypast on Tuesday got me thinking. All the aircraft flying from this part of the country down to London. Obviously not all have active ADS-B transponders running, but what got me was how all three of the ones I use, including a paid subscription for one, were all showing different aircraft.
The active sites I was looking at were Flightradar 24, planefinder and ADSB-exchange. I had all three open and was watching how it was rare for three to show the same aircraft. Indeed, on the long track to London, some were obviously close in location, but some missing from one, but in the others, and I can't work out why they differ. Obviously, each network has it's own collection of reporting nodes, filtering into the data stream - but some aircraft would be in the same place +/- a mile or two, yet one was visible while the others weren't. I always found that ADS-B exchange was the one I used the most, but plane plotter had some aircraft to itself, and the paid for subs to flight radar 24 was actually the worst of the three?

Does anyone know why they were alls do different. Surely if the aircraft transmittal three should notice. ADS-B has more in the list of aircraft, but less on the map? What is happening?
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Re: ADS - different software

Postby thelad » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:39 pm

Feeders (ground stations) provide the data to the site/app, the data can be changed by the feeder to say what ever they want so some reg and hex codes differ. From what i was told MLAT is not really a form of tracking and is more like a prediction.
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