Cardiff shopwatch storenet frequencies

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Cardiff shopwatch storenet frequencies

Postby Davie Boy » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:02 pm

Can anyone here help with Cardiff shopwatch frequencies...?

This is what I have.... I live in notts but I am spending the weekend in Cardiff and would like to listen to the shopwatch while there...

I heard and read they were analogue and then got a tetra system...? They have since ditched that tetra and gone onto DMR...?

I have turned up from ofcom the following...


...are these the new DMR frequencies in use...?

also there are these from the shopwatch list...

Cardiff - Wales - 453.2250
Cardiff - Wales - 456.6000
Cardiff - Wales - 456.3500
Cardiff - Wales - 456.6500 (DIGITAL)
Cardiff - Wales - 456.5250 (DIGITAL)
Cardiff - Canton - 453.7000 (DIGITAL)

...are these still valid...?

I always try to help people here when I can with frequencies... I have the AOR DV1 and would like to hear cardiff when there so would appreciate any help any one can give so I am ready for the visit...
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