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Not what it says on the tin.

Postby m0lsx » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:51 am

9 News in Perth say more than 100 have been stuck in recent days, all within 150 metres of the Lakeside shopping centre.

Staff at the nearby Ultratune have tried to help where possible, trying various creative methods to try to get people into their cars and back on to the roads.

Authorities are trying to locate the disruptive signal.

Lakeside management have now put a security guard in the carpark while they try to figure out the problem. It is not believed to be a criminal act but rather an internet router or other wireless device recently installed in the area that is causing disruption.

Centre management have now identified the signal but investigators are still trying to locate the device it's coming from.

Australia Media and Communications Authority investigators were walking around the car park and scanning shops, but believed the signal was not actually coming from the Lakeside site.

They were doorknocking to ask who had installed a new device recently and were hoping the issue would be fixed within hours.

For the latest VK6AS from NewsWest
" Despite VK6 having no resident radio inspectors an ACMA team was dispatched and were spotted prowling the centre as if on an amateur fox hunt. Speculation was rife but it now seems, that the fox that was causing the issues was an LIPD buzzer device being used at a pharmacy. There is no direct confirmation of this but it does appear that shoppers are no longer having any problems.

LIPD = Low Interference Potential Devices. :embarrased: :rolleyes: :biggrin: :mrgreeny: :mrgreeny: :happy: :happy:
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