Icom BIIS/MSK Programming

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Icom BIIS/MSK Programming

Postby S214 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:29 am

Firstly, apologies if this is not the correct place to be asking this... does anyone have any experience of programming Icom radios with the BIIS function?

I am in the process of assisting a friend in building a small shopwatch scheme. The members have purchased second hand Icom IC-F44’s and Icom IC-F61’s and they want to use them to their full potential which includes PTT ID, Emergency button, status messaging and SDM. They have a single frequency license and the system will operate without a repeater.

I have programmed plenty of Icom’s in my time but have never used the BIIS/MSK function on them. I have explained that this would be much easier if they were to purchase digital radios but the scheme is small (14 businesses so far) and the members have already purchased the radios!

I did some work some years back with a company who supplied a BIIS system but that system had over 150 radios, ran RMS-NET and used a repeater. Unfortunately that was about 16 years ago and my memory is not what it was. Does a system like this require a “base” or could a handheld be programmed up to act as the base?

Any help would be much appreciated!! Please feel feee to PM me
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